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i can’t do this anymore. i can’t live like this. i hate the comments she makes. just when i think she’s done, another fucked up thing comes out of her mouth and makes me even more upset. i hate how she can never just compliment me, it always has to be a comment that hurts me. & she knows it makes me upset, because after she says it she looks at me, clearly - i have tears in my eyes. i don’t understand why she does this to me. it’s like she loves to see me like this. & then the best* part of all of this is, after she makes me feel like complete shit, and i’m in one of my moods where i’m done with everything and everyone - she gets madwhen i ignore her and give her an attitude because she thinks i ‘hate’ her. youh know what : she’s 10000% correct. lately, i’m not your biggest fan. i don’t have a problem with youh. at least i didn’t*. until youh started making me so upset that i legit cry myself to sleep everynight. so thanks. youh win. i’ll stop eating because apparently, i eat too much and it’s no good for me to eat the way i have been eating ; mind youh i haven’t been eating because i work so i have absolutely no idea what the fuck she;s talking about. youh have my whole family turning against me. i have noone. i feel so alone. i feel like noone cares about me anymore. as long as i’m almost crying or in tears, they’re not happy or satisfied. so thanks. i give up. & youh win. congratualtions asshole. i’m done.



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