I haven’t been here in two years…

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Everything was much better under the Electric Sky.

I had the most amazing weekend!! See you again next year Beyond Wonderland!

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I look through these old pictures as an alumni of a school that I dearly love and hate so much, astonished by how quick four years have gone by. I see familiar faces, faces that transferred, or faded away from my life, and faces that I was able to keep with me til the very end. I am happy to say that I am more than satisfied to have accomplished not only a diploma, but also gather a great amount of friends that I can keep-in-touch with throughout college and life. Through sleepless nights and lazy early mornings, wanting to call-in sick for the day, unnecessary tests and emotional, dramatic problems within peers; I have persevered, and overcome all trials. I am only posting this now because this blog is something that will always keep all my memories and accomplishments (asides from ignorant and immature remarks/posts) that I will look back to when I am much older. 

It’s just one of those nights. Reminiscing. It’s better to post this now, than never. 

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A wonderful night with a beautiful young lady.

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Another Friday night!

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movie night by myself, yey.

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why does my shirt look puffy -_-.

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it was hot today.

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Follow me on instagram. @ayyemarc l0l

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